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(Português do Brasil) Senai

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Do you want to know our model and understand how your company can provide products or services to mining
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Partners of Operation

IBRAM Institutional Support
Neo Ventures Corporate Accelerator

Startups that took part of M-Start

Byond Mining Cycle 1
Green Fuel Cycle 1
Indwise Cycle 1
i9 Mining Cycle 1 and 3
Laminatus cycle 1
LLK Cycle 1 and 2
Órbita Cycle 1
Upsensor Cycle 1
Kriativar Cycle 2
Fsee Cycle 2
Altave Cycle 2
Kluber (Spin-off) Cycle 2
Logpyx Cycle 2
Beyond Mining Cycle 3
Geolabor Cycle 3
Hitemp Cycle 3
M&S Industrial Cycle 3
Optive Cycle 3
Tamboro Cycle 3
Alamo Ti Cycle 4
EPH Engenharia Cycle 4
Even Energia Cycle 4
InspEasy Cycle 4
ITQ (spin-off) Cycle 4
KonkerLabs Cycle 4
minerAI Cycle 4
Prronto! Cycle 4
TCX (spin-off) Cycle 4
Sensmet Cycle 4

Do you have a company that dialogues with the mining ecosystem?

Become a resident at the Mining Hub. Meeting places, internet, café, network, discover the benefits of being a resident and bring your company to Hub.

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