Security: Operational and SSO

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Security: Operational and SSO


The border areas of Samarco's are large and diverse, containing rivers, beaches, and dense wood areas to highways and other companies. In this context, it has been a challenge to prevent and control intruders - who try to get in through areas other than official access, such as along the borders. Such intrusions result in a risk of significant capital loss and potentially create risks to people. In addition to this, it is also desirable to avoid vandalism as drilling holes of pipelines, which are hundreds of kilometers long, going through different properties of third parties.

BUDGET R$50.000,00

LOCATION OF THE PoC: Não definido

Security: Operational and SSO


• Red Alert - Risk of atmospheric discharge within a radius of 8Km in diameter from the point of interest. In this case, there will be immediate interruption of the operational activities and withdrawal of the team from these areas;
• Orange Alert - Risk of atmospheric discharge within a 24 km radius of the point of interest;
• Yellow Alert - Risk of atmospheric discharge within a 48 km radius of the point of interest.
Quando cessar o risco de queda de raios dentro destes limites pré-estabelecidos acima, deverá ser emitido mensagens de liberação para retorno das atividades.
When the risk of lightning strikes within these pre-set limits ceases to exist, release messages should be issued for the return of activities. For the development of this system, electric field sensors (Preventive), electromagnetic sensors (Reactive) and also the meteorological stations on the ground present in the MINING COMPANY must be considered. (Non-exhaustive)
One attention point is the new international standard IEC 62793 - Protection against Atmospheric Discharge – Atmospheric Discharge Warning System. This standard provides information on the characteristics of storm warning systems in order to implement preventive measures. In compliance with IEC 62793, four phases are foreseen in the evolution of a storm:
1.- Initial Phase - The electromagnetic field increases;
2.- Phase of Growth - Intra-cloud and cloud-to-cloud lightning;
3.- Mature Phase - Cloud to cloud and cloud to ground;
4. Dissipation Phase - Number of lightning flashes decreases.

In order to meet the four phases of a storm, the IEC 62793 standard classifies the following detectors: Class detectors A / B / C and D.

BUDGET R$60.000,00

LOCATION OF THE PoC: Não definido

Operational Efficiency

1. Removal of impurities / niobium concentrate
2. Detection of visible smoke
3. Impact reduction of tears in Conveyor Belts
4. Increase in grinding efficiency and reliability of the SAG mill
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Alternative energy sources

1. Increase in energy efficiency of the mining equipment
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Water Management

1. Dust reduction on the roads with lower water consumption and at low cost
2. Moisture reduction in iron ore in the chain
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Residues and tailings management

1. Alternatives to filtered tailings
2. Dynamic behavior of the internal part of the dam solid fill
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Social Development

1. Integrated analysis of indicators of social development
2. Promote local entrepreneurship using coproducts from mining and steelmaking
3. Innovation in dialogue and engagement
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