Alternative energy sources

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Alternative energy sources


We are looking for startups and innovative projects that offer alternatives to increase the energy efficiency of mine equipment, such as off-road trucks, operation equipment (loaders, excavators, tractors), drilling and support, taking into account their most consuming systems which can generate energy (air conditioning, brakes, exhaust, etc.). In addition, we look for innovations that reduce noise, emission of pollutants, vibrations and promote improvement of work quality. Among the alternatives, potential opportunities are those that take advantage of the energy potential of the sources currently used and / or improve the efficiency of the equipment and / or propose new sources of energy or hybrid systems and / or reduce consumption. In addition, the solution may include a management side to it, in order to increase logistics efficiency at the mine and standardize economic driving operation modes. Consideration should be given to both open pit mine equipment and underground mines where there may be solutions for oxygenation and air exhaustion within the mine.

BUDGET R$100.000,00

LOCATION OF THE PoC: Não definido

Operational Efficiency

1. Removal of impurities / niobium concentrate
2. Detection of visible smoke
3. Impact reduction of tears in Conveyor Belts
4. Increase in grinding efficiency and reliability of the SAG mill
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Water Management

1. Dust reduction on the roads with lower water consumption and at low cost
2. Moisture reduction in iron ore in the chain
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Residues and tailings management

1. Alternatives to filtered tailings
2. Dynamic behavior of the internal part of the dam solid fill
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Security: Operational and SSO

1. Detection and invasion prevention across mining area borders
2. Objective forecast of lightning occurrence in open areas
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Social Development

1. Integrated analysis of indicators of social development
2. Promote local entrepreneurship using coproducts from mining and steelmaking
3. Innovation in dialogue and engagement
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