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Get to know the startups selected to the Proof of Concept of M-Spot Cycle 2 – Vale Edition!

After the final selection stage (immersion) of the M-Cycle Spot 2 Edition Valley, we present the selected startups for the concept of evidence stage. 

We thank everyone who joined us in this process and wish the participants success.

The below list follows the alphabetical order of Vale’s areas in portuguese, check it out! 

Value Chain

1- Challenge: Low variability quality guarantee in the ore multi-blending process

Selected Startup: Beyond Mining

2 –  Challenge: Removal of contamination in iron ore

Selected Startup: Iara

3 –  Challenge: Humidity reduction of the iron ore during train transport

Selected Startup: ITQ

4 – Challenge: Forecast of the humidity limit for ore transport with data prior to the port

Selected Startup: IndustriALL


5- Challenge: Sustainable disposal of industrial equipment batteries

Selected Startup:: Atlas Power

6- Challenge: Optimized operational mode indication to real-time energetic efficiency

Selected Startup: Cibix


7- Challenge: Training people to make decisions in times of geotechnical emergency

Selected Startup: INSIDE

8- Challenge: Deviation identification and predictive analysis of geotechnical readings

Selected Startup: AI Consult

9- Challenge: Integrated data management and control for filtered waste piles

Selected Startup: Geospace

Gestão de Ativos | Mina

10- Challenge: Real time management control

Selected Startup: Checkbits

11- Challenge: Sizing and productivity of staff aligned with the best strategy

Selected Startup: MinerAI

Gestão de Ativos | Usina

12- Challenge: Preventive detection of non-crushable material during ore transport

Selected Startup: SVA

13- Challenge: Conveyor belt wear monitoring

Selected Startup: LLK

Health and Safety

14- Challenge: Safe access to mobile mining equipments

Selected Startup: Hitemp

15- Challenge: Noise reduction in ore treatment plants

Selected Startup: Tracel

16- Challenge: Mitigation of risks of running over people in maintenance of field trains

Selected Startup: Harpia harpyja


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