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Check out the main questions and answers about the M-Start Ciclo 6

Application is open for the M-Start Cycle 6 of the Mining Hub, we have separated here the most frequent questions about our announcement, so that you can take advantage of this opportunity today! Come and see.

 1) Can I register for more than one challenge?

Yes. You can register different solutions in M-Start Ciclo 6, in different challenges.
However, according to the program announcement:

Article 16: STARTUPS are authorized to perform only one POC per cycle, even if they are selected for more than one of the challenges launched. If this is the case, the STARTUP must choose which challenge/ mining company it will follow in the cycle in question. 

2) How do I sign up for more than one challenge using the Gust platform?

To sign up for Gust, with more than one solution and without creating a new profile, you must follow the steps:

In the upper right corner, click on ENTREPRENEUR, below the name of the company or individual registered.

Then, in the drop-down menu that will open, click on PROFILE.

On the new open page, look for the COMPANY tab, and click on the + sign.

Ready. Now you must place a second company (which can be the same as the first). With that, you will be able to enroll a new solution in M-Start 6, using the new company created.

3) Do I need to have a CNPJ or another legal regulation related to their respective nationality?

Do not. During the registration process, if your company is not formalized, you can answer the registration questionnaire that does not have a CNPJ.

However, after the Immersion stage, the CNPJ (or another legal regulation related to their respective nationality) will be required to sign a contract with Sponsor Mining Company. We guide Startups that advance to the Immersion stage, and do not have a CNPJ (or another legal regulation related to their respective nationality) already starting the formal opening process of the company.

4) I represent a traditional company in the mining market. Can I register for M-Start Cycle 6?

Large and already traditional companies, whether they are suppliers to the mining sector or not, can instead apply for M-Start as long as through a Spin Off. Spin Offs are companies from another larger company, created for a specific purpose (in this case, for example, a spin off created with the aim of developing innovative solutions).

5) My company has more than 10 years of CNPJ (or another legal regulation related to their respective nationality), and/or revenue above R $ 16 million. How can I sign up for M-Start Cycle 6?

For companies that do not meet the criteria defined in Article 3 of the notice, a possibility to participate in the program is to apply through a Spin Off.

6) Foreign companies need to be registered in Brazil or to register in the future?

No. But they must be formally registered in their country of origin for a maximum of 10 years. Otherwise, they can apply to the program through a Spin Off.

7) I have an interesting solution for the mining sector, but it does not fit the challenges launched. How can I apply?

M-Start is aimed at solving specific challenges. In this Cycle 5, we launched 15 challenges that are a priority for the Mining sector. However, the Mining Hub has numerous other opportunities. If you have a solution that does not fit the challenges launched, we advise you to add it to our database, M-Connect, which can be accessed through the link:

8) Is there a budget for the proof of concept? How much is this budget?

Yes. All Proofs of Concept carried out during the M-Start Cycle 6 will have a budget available for their realization. However, unlike the previous Cycles of the program, the definition of the budget for the POCs will be carried out only during the Immersion stage. This will enable greater budgetary flexibility for the projects.

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