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Cases Mining Hub

Kriativar offers solutions for schools and companies, from co-creation platforms that allow different audiences to create their own content such as books, magazines and videos; eAD platforms focused on gamification; going through smart virtual assistants; special dialogue projects with the community; even training that uses augmented and virtual reality. We have already won the main innovation calls for proposals in Brazil, such as SEED; INOVApps, from the Ministry of Communications; Baanko Chalenge; FIEMG LAB; Startup Brasil; BrazilLab, Puctech and BNDES iOT.

SITE: Kriativar
Cycle 2 – M-Start
Mining Company: Samarco


We are in cycle 2 of the Mining Hub to meet Samarco’s challenge, common to several companies: Innovation in Dialogue. The objective of the POC was to develop a tool for dialogue and community engagement that could engage the local population with matters related to Samarco, representing a more dynamic listening channel. After the initial cut, we focused our actions on the PAE-BM, Mining Dams Emergency Action Plan.


When opening the app, the user can see his location, see all signs of the escape route of his city, see the sign closest to his location and discover his missions. One of the main missions is to capture the escape route signs and collect points. With Augmented Reality technology, the goal is to pass sensitive information in a gamified and respectful way, making the population know, follow and memorize the escape route, not only for the simulated, but throughout the year. To increase the engagement of the population and disseminate information about the simulation, we used our bookmaker tool at the Matipó school.

Results and advantages

We implemented new features to stimulate the use of the application beyond the simulated, such as a link for the population to include information on the map, calendar of important community events, a contest to choose the name of the meeting points, information about the local culture, etc. We understand that, just as important as the technology developed, are the mobilization actions that can be created from it. Actions that, in conjunction with the Shared Territories application, will contribute to re-signify the meeting points and the escape route. As a result, numerically, in Matipó, 56 people downloaded the app, 8 teachers and 200 children used the bookmaker. It is important to note that the application could not be used on a large scale because it is not yet offline (functionality under development). In addition, the use of the bookmaker at school was essential to increase engagement, being an extremely important tool for communities and families.


Kriativar’s team is multidisciplinary, formed by professionals with experience in different areas: management, business, usability, content, design, education, pedagogy and technology. In addition to the founding partner Sofia Fada, journalist and screenwriter with over 20 years of experience in project management, other renowned professionals joined the project, such as Hermann Santiago, designer specializing in New Media; Tiago Venegas, senior programmer with over 20 years of experience, Raquel Heluy, director of operations and Ronaldo Gazel, one of the leading specialists in emerging technologies in Minas and Brazil.

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