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Get to know now the Startups approved for the Mining Hub’s M-Spot Cycle 1 – Edition: Vale Proof of Concept test stage.


It is hands-on time now, we are excited to see all the teams working on incredible solutions for Vale.

Check here the results of the startups selected in alphabetical order by Vale’s areas.



Challenge: Replacing bunker oil for ship’s at berth

Selected Startup: Pecten


Challenge: Integrated measurement of specific consumption of fuel and gas emission with high precision

Selected Startup: Cibix System STI



Challenge: Effective communication of field restrictions on the railroad

Selected Startup:  nTopus Possibilidades


Challenge: Mitigation of run over risks in railroad workshops

Selected Startup:  Brisa Robotica


Challenge: View of the location, technical characteristics and assets conditions on the field

Selected Startup:  Zapt Tech



Challenge: Obtaining geotechnical data in dams with people access restriction

Selected Startup: Copperstone Technologies Ltd.



Challenge: Measurement of FeO in iron ore sinter with greater agility

Selected Startup:  Beyond Mining


Challenge: Determination of optimum condition for packaging of mineral particles

Selected Startup: Ubivis



Challenge: Intelligent flow of information management during the operation of the fleet of ships

No startups were selected.


Challenge: Knowledge management in an organic and integrated way

Selected Startup:  Gestão Inovadora (KIPO-KM)



Challenge: Knowledge management in an organic and integrated way

Selected Startup:  Gaintech


Challenge: Strategic project management in a visual and dynamic way in a pilot plant 

Selected Startup:  In9 Automação



Management and control of corrosion protection in ore handling assets

Selected Startup: Vidya Technology


Challenge: Inspection of the spring in belt conveyor scrapers

Selected Startup:  The Insight


Challenge: Detection of defects in the conveyor belt covers

Selected Startup:  Passarelli Automação


We appreciate the participation and hard work of each of the 36 Startups which took part at the Bootcamp/Imersão. Stay tuned for new opportunities at Mining Hub!

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